My OSX Setup


I’m an on again off again macOS / OSX user. This started off at some point as a blog post, but its grown into more of a living page of the programs I install when on macOS / OSX.

OS tweaks

Changed Scroll Direction

If using a normal mouse with a scroll wheel. The default “natural” feels very un-natural.

Unchecked “Scroll direction: natural” Scroll Direction

Change Modifier keys

If not using an apple keyboard.

Modifier Keys

Map the windows key to the command key.

Auto hide dock

I like the maximum amount of screen space I can get. So of course I hide the dock.

Dock Auto Hide

Hot Corner

If i’m at a normal mouse and keyboard I like to turn this on. Also if coming from Fedora/Gnome3 this helps feel more at home.

Hot Corner

Finder config

Very much personal preference.

I like having the hard drive icons on my desktop. Its convenient. Finder Desktop

Also like being able to quickly get to my home folder. Finder Sidebar

Screenshot Directory

I take a lot of screenshots. So I don’t want them cluttering my desktop. So I change the folder they are saved to.

First create the directory you want them saved to. I chose ~/Documents/Screenshots

Then run this command:

defaults write location ~/Documents/Screenshots

Then to reload so this takes its followed by:

killall SystemUIServer

For extra convenience I drag the folder into my dock so I have quick access to them.

Screenshots in dock


A few of the apps I always seem to download.

Google Chrome

Gotta have my favorite browser.

Download Here


This is an application that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly snap windows. Very useful

Download Here

Visual Studio Code

Code editor of choice.

Vs Code

Open the Command Palette (⇧ + ⌘ + p)) and type ‘shell command’ to find the Shell Command: Install ‘code’ command in PATH command.

vscode Commands

Also will need to set the git path. The path if installed from xcode is: /usr/bin/git. Simply typing git in the terminal will trigger a popup to install from xcode.

vscode git setting

Download Here


Awesome group chat platform like slack / hipchat. Great set of developers. This project is moving very quickly.

It for sure gets my recommendation for group chat in business. Offers you that privacy and control that you want and need.

Check the community out here Download Client Here

Robo 3T (formally Robomongo)

Great application to query / view mongodb databases.

Download Here

Google Play Music Desktop Player

Best desktop player for Google Music I’ve found

Download Here


If a video / audio file won’t play anywhere else. This will play it.

Download Here


Quickly becoming my favorite terminal emulator. This is what i’ll use below for setting up my shell.

Download Here


I’m on again off again with this terminal. One of the things I like most is cross-platform

Download Here


Great application for recording gifs.

Download Here

Docker for Mac

I use Docker a lot. :)

Download Here


If you consider your self any sort of power user, this is a must.

Download Here



I have come to like zsh. So I always do this.

chsh -s $(which zsh)

Install oh-my-zsh

Part of what makes zsh awesome is installing oh-my-zsh.

More Info Here

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

This will possibly prompt you to install XCode CLI tools. If so do that. Then re-run the command.

Set zsh prompt

To edit which one of the prompts you use do:

code .zshrc

Replacing atom with your editor of choice.

Change the line near the top. That starts with ZSH_THEME


I changed to ys which looks like this:

ZSH Prompt

Using source ~/.zshrc will reload your zsh config.

Setup git Info

You’ll be reminded at some point to do this. But good to go ahead and set this. :smile:

git config --global ""
git config --global "Your Name"

Install misc other things

I used brew to install a few things I used frequently

brew install nodejs tmux golang gpg minio/stable/mc kubectl

Also I needed jekyll to write blog posts. :smile:

gem install jekyll


Great OS. Lots of tools for developers. If you have some program you can’t live with out. Would be glad to hear it.




  • Swap Spectacle out with Rectangle now that spectacle is no longer maintained


  • Come to realization that this is isn’t a blog post… but more just of a list of software I use.
  • Renamed Docker Toolbox to Docker for Mac
  • Removed virtualbox, not typically part of my bare minimum any more
  • Removed Vagrant. Never use it any more
  • Added Hyper. Great Terminal
  • Add minio client to list of tools installed via brew. Minio Client is super useful for managing s3 buckets
  • Added kubectl to brew a daily driver now days :)


  • New primary editor switched from atom to vscode
  • Renamed robomongo to robo 3T
  • Remove and sequel pro due to them never being used.
  • Swapped out spotify for Google Play Music Desktop Player
  • Removed teamviewer and
  • Added golang and gpg to those installed with brew

Fedora Setup

Format Machine over ssh