• Quarantainment

    I don’t think its likely a surprise to anyone if I say I’m typically an introvert. I stay at and around home a lot in general. But when its no longer by choice.. kinda takes the fun out of it.

    We identified early on that we needed to keep our selves busy and entertained.


  • A k8s Migration Concept

    Surprisingly I don’t have a lot of kubernetes related content on my blog yet. This might just because I’m too busy using it to talk about it. But i’m a heavy user of it. To me it just makes orchestrating work loads easier.

    One thing in general I don’t see a lot of talk about is migrating between infrastructure. Especially don’t see much for kubernetes.


  • Respecting Privacy in Analytics

    There is a reason why people tend to add analytics to sites. I’d say most people add for completely honest reasoning. They just want to be able to see how their site is doing and if anyone actually shows up.


  • De-Googling: My Progress

    I wrote a bit about my reasoning to De-Google here. Now I want to write a bit about my progress, the struggles and what I ended up with.


  • De-Googling

    This is not by any means a new idea. A quick search around the web will return many results of people doing this. My reasons are likely similar to many others. Privacy being the most common shared reason.


  • Hacking in the Physical World

    Hacking is often a term used to mean malicious behavior. But I believe hacking is a mindset. It’s about trying to be creative.. Taking things and making them work in a different way. It’s about not letting your self be your own limiter. Just because you’ve never done something before… doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

    I don’t consider my self good at carpentry. Or using screws, hammers, power tools etc.. I’m also sure some most of the work makes professionals cringe just like I do at code by a novice.


  • 100 Day writing challenge

    Hello its me again your friendly neighborhood Geek Gone Crazy.😜 Its been a bit less time since my last post than normal. Recently I came across a challenge on mastodon to do a 100 day writing challenge. Inspired by the 100 days of code.


  • Rocket.Chat + Kubernetes + Traefik = :heart:

    You could say I’ve been a docker / container fanboy for a while now… I started working with containers in a couple of previous jobs. Primarily only as aids for the build process or for maintaining the same environment between dev and production. But at my current job I got the opportunity to really go all in. At Rocket.Chat we wanted to build a cloud offering to allow people to quickly and easily deploy Rocket.Chat.


  • My OSX Setup

    I’m an on again off again macOS / OSX user. This started off at some point as a blog post, but its grown into more of a living page of the programs I install when on macOS / OSX.


  • Format Machine over ssh

    Lets say you have data on a remote linux machine, and for what ever reason you need to format the drive.  Like for instance you decide to switch VPS hosts. If you just let them delete it, you have no way of knowing what really happens to your data. So providing you have ssh access here is a way to eliminate your data.


  • Getting public ip from CLI

    I’ve found my self on occasion needing to find the public IP of a machine while in commandline(CLI).  Most of the time its just because i’ve spoiled my self with DNS entries, and haven’t memorized it.


  • Childrens Distro sneak peak

    I was assigned the task of creating a children’s linux distro for use here at the library(where I work).  Here’s a sneak peak:


  • IPv6 keeping tunnel connected

    Put together a script to keep your ip updated for the tunnel.  This is for Hurricane Electric.  Just plug in your info from your tunnel info page.


  • IPv6 Connectivity in Ubuntu: Setting up

    With ICANN recently announcing the end of IPv4 addresses to allocate, its time to take a look at the future.

    What is IPv6? According to Cisco IPv6 is:

    IP Version 6. Replacement for IPv4. A next generation IP protocol. IPv6 is backward compatible with and is designed to fix the shortcomings of IPv4, such as data security and maximum number of user addresses. IPv6 increases the address space from 32 to 128 bits, providing for an unlimited number of networks and systems. It also supports quality of service (QoS) parameters for real-time audio and video.

    A typical IPv4 address looked something like this: (One of google’s)


  • Project Opacity: Prototype to Production

    About a month ago at work we started a project internally known as Project Opacity.

    Opacity by definition: is the quality of being opaque to a degree; the degree to which something reduces the passage of light


  • Destroying a hard drive

    Not very often do I get to be destructive at work. So when I do get to I get slightly excited! Had an old pentium 3 desktop they planned to give away. But it their copy of xp on it as well as some somewhat sensitive information. At first we were going to put the linux distribution of our fancy on it(this changes from day to day). But it wouldn’t boot from the cd. Thought the cd drive was shot. Tried it and an external neither work. After 30 minutes of messing with it my boss gives up. Told me to just pull the hard drive out and trash it! :D


  • Dedicated Virtualbox Host

    A while back I posted about Building first desktop from scratch.  In it I mentioned installing Xenserver.  I have no doubt that it is amazing.  Just wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

    Long story cut extremely short, I went with virtualbox.  Reasons being: Its fast, so far has supported everything I throw at it, stable, cross platform, live migration, snapshots make backup easy, easy to use, and I like it. 

    Now for the exciting part.  How I set it up.


  • Monitor Repair

    A few days ago I found a 22” Lcd screen that was being tossed out because it didn’t work.  The thought of the beauty being thrown away didn’t set well with me.  So I picked it up.

    Before messing with it.

    When turning it on, it would show its gateway logo and then go blank.  Which was a good sign.  But none of the inputs worked.

    So I took it apart.


  • Building first desktop from scratch

    Most of my childhood I have built computers. But it was always from parts laying around. A motherboard/CPU from here, case from another one etc.

    I finally saved up and planned out my own build from scratch. I’m posting to my blog because its a geeky milestone that every little geek must go through. A rite of passage if you will.


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