First Full Computer Build

Well after much waiting, I have officially built my first computer from scratch. Before this, any computer built was pieced together from parts laying around.  This one was completely hand picked. 

Ran into some difficulties along the way. A case/power supply combo I ordered online was a dud!  I sent it back and got a refund.  Future advice for anyone building a computer.  Buy your power supply locally. Its a lot easier to run back to the store and exchange it then to buy it online and wait on shipping. 

I went to MicroCenter, one of my favorite computer stores in the Kansas City area.

Parts I picked up

Fans, tools, mobo/processor, 500w power supply, 4 gig ram, 500gig hard drive, new USB headset, Code red for energy and awesome green wig because why not?

Motherboard and CPU installed

Couple of pictures of the case:

Case pic 1

Case pic 2

Case pic 3

The slots are for hot swappable hard drives. I can pop a new drive in at any time with out having to power down.

Hot swappable bays

I installed XenServer on it at first... But as awesome as it was... I like having an operating system I can easily get around.  So I installed Ubuntu 64bit 9.10. Btw... XFCE is a beautiful desktop environment. 

Screenshot of OS

Any questions or comments hit me up.