Hello Fediverse!

Every few years it seems i'm trying out some new blogging platform and porting my old posts around. This year i’m excited to try out write.as/writefreely.

This blog and many of its posts have made several transitions. In the past I can recall using:

Last year I ran across Mastodon and started to dip my toes into the fediverse. If you aren't sure what mastodon is take a look at this post by Kev Quirk one of the admins of the Mastodon instance Fosstodon that I have my primary account on.

It feels like early days Google+ a lot of interesting people with interesting content. But it has one key differentiator to me that is really interesting. It is decentralized. You create an account on an “instance” and then you can follow and talk to people on any instance.

If you are interested in following me on Mastodon I can be found at: @geekgonecrazy@fosstodon.org

Around the same time I ran across write.as. After some digging I saw that there were plans to federate in the fediverse and also plans to open source. So of course became one of those things to follow and now use.

I'm a big user of rss and consume content via rss feeds almost daily. Yes... I am one of those Google Reader users that is still a bit bitter at its closing. They have a habit of closing things I like... I digress.

Write.as and its now open source counterpart writefreely supports both federation and rss. I'm very keen to see if this can be a new way of consuming long form written content.

So all that being said... Hello Fediverse! I am in you!

#fediverse #writefreely