The Geek Gone Crazy

A while back I posted about [Building first desktop from scratch][1].  In it I mentioned installing Xenserver.  I have no doubt that it is amazing.  Just wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Long story cut extremely short, I went with virtualbox.  Reasons being: Its fast, so far has supported everything I throw at it, stable, cross platform, live migration, snapshots make backup easy, easy to use, and I like it. 

Now for the exciting part.  How I set it up.


A few days ago I found a 22” Lcd screen that was being tossed out because it didn't work.  The thought of the beauty being thrown away didn't set well with me.  So I picked it up.

Before messing with it.


Most of my childhood I have built computers. But it was always from parts laying around. A motherboard/CPU from here, case from another one etc.

I finally saved up and planned out my own build from scratch. I'm posting to my blog because its a geeky milestone that every little geek must go through. A rite of passage if you will.