I don’t think its likely a surprise to anyone if I say I’m typically an introvert. I stay at and around home a lot in general. But when its no longer by choice.. kinda takes the fun out of it.

We identified early on that we needed to keep our selves busy and entertained.

Started out the quarantine with me teaching my wife to play chess. So pulled out the ‘ol Mario chess set. Yes its awesome!

I’ve wanted to learn to play go for a long time. Pretty much ever since seeing AlphaGo compete against the top players. So I figured what better time to learn? Picked Goban and stones or Yunzi as they are apparently called.

Proceeded to play a couple of very noob games of go.

The same board doubles as a chess board on the other side so have been alternating between this board and the other for playing chess.

Even taught my kids. They now can all correctly identify the pieces and how the pieces can move.

Picked up a few more various card games and board games to add to our collection. We already regularly enjoy family game nights.

Have spent a fair amount of time in my backyard. Got some patio furniture and a Hammock.

I'm pretty sure amazon and UPS hate us.

I also bought some controllers and loaded a raspberry pi up with retropie.

So far its working. We have stayed fairly sane and we are coming out the other side a bit better then we went in.